BBQ Pork Empanadas – NC State Fair Runner-up

La Buena Vida

On Saturday Serena and I fought some of the worst traffic I have ever seen in my life to bring my BBQ Pork Empanadas to the North Carolina State Fair’s KC Masterpiece recipe contest. I heard the State Fair was a big deal (evident by the over 800,000 people who attended last year). Saturday’s attendance was 131,699. I got an idea of how serious it was by the parking lot I-40 had turned in to just to get there.

What should have been a 15 minute ride turned into an almost 2 hour cuss fest of me shouting expletives worrying I would not make the 2pm entry deadline. We made it to the fair with 20 minutes to spare and I was thankful my paranoia had us leave home 2 hours early.

While waiting for the judges to deliberate, we walked around the fair and I decided to test some of the…

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