Disturbing Our Comfort Zone and Kickstarter Goals

One of my favorite NFL players off all-time is Ray Lewis. I have always found his style of play to be tenacious and motivating. I am not a Baltimore Ravens fan, but I loved watching them play the years he wore the uniform. The whole team was exciting to watch because Ray seemed to raise the level of play of his whole squad. He continues to be my favorite because of what he has to say off the field even now that he has hung up his cleats. I have listened to a lot of his motivational speeches from the past and present and have come to understand that even when he is talking about the game of football he is talking about life.

One of my favorite and most relevant quotes of Ray Lewis is,” Before anything great can be really achieved, your comfort zone must be disturbed.” The deeper I get into chasing this  food truck dream, the more I realize how true these words are. This weekend, Serena and I disturbed our comfort zone. My comfort zone is cooking in our kitchen, where I am comfortable, cooking for people who I know and they know me. My comfort zone is cooking for a small number of people in our kitchen or backyard, but I am fully aware that my dreams will never be realized in that tight and comfortable space. Our kitchen is safe and comfortable but it has no reach. I have been able to expand my reach with modern social media tools like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter but those things have reach but no touch. I am ready to have reach and touch and thats what getting out of our kitchen Saturday was. Setting a kitchen up outside Fullsteam Brewery was outside of our comfort zone. Offering food and ourselves to strangers to be judged not knowing how it would be received was outside of our comfort zone. Yes, I take a certain level of confidence in my ability but handing food off to a total stranger is a scary moment but extremely gratifying when their face shows that you have won their approval.

The best part of all of this was the fact that we would have never left the comfort of our kitchen without all of you. When we did finally leave the confines of our kitchen we didn’t have to do it alone. You all came with us in your own ways. We had a small group of friends and family to help us wrangle Devin, prepare food, setup our outdoor kitchen, cook, serve, tell newcomers about our food and show up to support us. I can’t explain the level of pride I felt in hearing my friends and family confidently talk about the food and it completely warmed my whole soul to hear them all use the word “We” when talking about the business.

All of you can use the word “We” when talking about what Boricua Soul is up to because you all have a hand in what it will become. You all have nudged us to leave our comfort zone with your words of encouragement. You pushed our kickstarter above our goal Saturday afternoon and continued to boost our confidence. There were some who were not in position to contribute to the Kickstarter, but you shared our cause on social media, sent us messages letting us know that you were “proud’ of us for chasing our dream or that you were supporting us in other ways and that pledge of support means the world to us as well. Thank you for helping us pick up these two big wins and continue to spread the word about us and our Kickstarter so we can continue to crush our goals!


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