The Day We Became “Food Truckers”


Below is what I wrote about our first time taking the truck out for service at the Pittsboro Street Fair on this day last year. It’s amazing to think back to all of the emotions and everything that led up to that day. We will never  forget how it felt to put a smile on our first customers face. We will never forget the feeling at the end of that first day knowing that we busted right through our comfort zone and accomplished something we were sure we couldn’t do. On October 24th 2015 we officially became “food truckers.”

Pittsboro was a huge step towards where we hope to take the truck and the business. We have come so far in the last year but hope to continue to learn and take things to the next level. We can’t thank everyone who has helped us on the truck and visited our window that day and since then. Please keep an ear out as we are trying to plan a time and place that we can all get together and celebrate one year of Boricua Soul.


“When my alarm went off at 4:15 fear was telling me to act like I didn’t hear the alarm, pull it from the wall, say the power went out last night and caused my clock to reset. I made my way downstairs knowing the next step on this early morning would be to start the truck so the engine could have a chance to warm up. I paced in the garage for a few moments looking for anything I may have forgotten to pack on the truck. Deep inside I knew I wasn’t actually looking for anything, I was stalling. Fear was keeping me from pressing the button to open the garage door because I knew on the other side of the door a huge food truck was going to be there waiting on my next move. I knew that once I opened the garage door there would be no turning back. What if people don’t like the food, what if we are unable to execute our menu. Finally I pressed the button and the garage came up. I stepped the three steps and placed the key into the ignition. Fear was still gripping me to the point that I thought, “well if the engine doesn’t start, that would be a good way out of today and it wouldn’t be my fault.” With a turn of the key the loud engine turned over and signaled that today’s journey was about to begin regardless of what fear had to say about it.

Those were the first few moments of what turned out to be a great first day of business for the Boricua Soul Food Truck. With the help of Chatara and Dave on our team, Serena and I had a chance to serve over 100 customers. The reactions to the food were excellent, to have people circle back to the truck and let us know how much they enjoyed the food was an amazing feeling. To have people come back for seconds was overwhelming! A friend of mine who was getting ready to run his first marathon posted something on Facebook that caught my attention. It stated, “Nervousness, is your body’s way of telling you that you are about to do something awesome” and I can’t think of truer words. What Pittsboro did for us was tie an idea that has been in my head for some time to reality. There was no more thinking about it. There was no more wondering if we could handle an actual service, we had proven to ourselves that we could. After sending the first few orders our window that nervous energy was now manifesting itself into four people cranking out the food I had daydreamed about. We took a lot from Pittsboro and found a number of ways we can improve for our next event. We know that each service will be a chance to learn how to be more efficient and produce food we can be proud of.”



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