Why I Was Afraid to Hold a Cooking Class

I really didn’t know what to expect leading up to holding our first cooking class. I have played with the idea of doing one in my mind but fear was getting in the way. For years I was just accustomed to cooking in my kitchen at home. No pressure and an extremely friendly home crowd. I have learned a lot in the last year but I am still adjusting to cooking in a commercial capacity on the food truck. Learning how to be efficient and quickly churn out quality food is an ongoing learning process. So I was naturally afraid that I wouldn’t have the culinary chops to do what I do behind the walls of the truck while people were watching. What if I overcook the chicken, stutter, get asked a question I didn’t know the answer to? What if I am exposed as just a guy that bought a food truck, loves to cook and is not a trained chef or doesn’t simply  have all the answers?

I was able to push past the fear by addressing the last question. I realized that you can’t be exposed as anything if you are being your authentic self and let people know who you are from the start. I am just a guy who has traveled the world, fell in love with cooking, started a food blog and then started a food truck.

The biggest thing holding us back from achieving is believing we don’t deserve or aren’t good enough. The longer we believe that about ourselves the longer we stifle our potential. I understand I am nowhere near my full potential but I recognize that last night I opened myself up to getting closer to it. I confirmed last night that despite my lack of training and relative short time in the industry I do have something to offer, our story. There is meaning and family history behind the food we cook and we had a chance to share them. There is meaning and family history behind the techniques we use when cooking and we had a chance to share them. I don’t sit chicken in Frank’s hot sauce before frying because I learned it at culinary school or because “Nashville hot chicken” is what’s hot right now, I do it for two simple reasons, because that’s the only way I ever saw my Grandmother fry chicken and it’s freakin fantastic.

One of the coolest parts about last night is I had a chance to listen to how people in the class cook as well. A lot of cooking is personal preference so it was interesting to hear people express what certain dishes and ingredients mean to them. I walked away from the class excited to try some thing I heard mentioned in the class. One of the biggest joys from last night was having a chance to be the one who served someone something for the first time. I was right in front of them when they tried it, not tucked into a kitchen buried behind a stack of orders, I was humbled by the experience.

We are excited to continue to share what our food means to us and we plan to do that in the format we did last night in addition to other ways. We hope to see you at our table soon so we may break cornbread together. Most importantly, don’t let fear hold you back from exploring your potential.



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