Boricua Soul Cookbook Club: 7 days from Week 1

So its 7 days from the first week of our Cookbook Club. As our opening book we will dive into the James Beard Award Winner ,  The Jemima Code by Toni Tipton Martin

The point of this club is for us to dig into some cook books that tell stories. We will break down the  book together and discuss online in weekly segments. This will be a chance to share your thoughts on the content, your experience in trying the recipes, sharing pictures and discussing and sharing your own family recipes, etc. At the end of the book we will plan on having a pop-up dinner (for those who can attend) featuring recipes and ideas from the book.

Recipes from Chapter 1

Salt Rising Bread – Soft Ginger Bread – Cream Cake – Sally Dough Cake – White Mountain Cake – Queen Party Cake – Cork Cake – Sponge Cake – Dover Cake – Washington Cake – Bread Dough Cake – Grated Bread Cake – Maryland Beat Biscuits – Egg Rolls

Jemima Code Weekly Breakdown

Week of January 16th : Chapter 1 – 19th Century Cookbooks / Breaking a Sterotype

Week of January 22nd Chapter 2 – 1900-1925 Surviving Mammyism / Cooking Lessons for Work and Home

Week of January 29th Chapter3 – 1926-1950 The Servant Problem / Dual Messages

Week of February 6th Chapter 4 – 1952- 1960 Lifting as we Climb / Test Cakes, Finger Sandwiches, Community Service and Civil Rights

Week of February 13th Chapter 5 – 1961-1970 Soul Food / Mama’s Cooking Leaves Home for the City

Week of February 20th Chapter 6 – 1971-1980 Simple Pleasures / A Soul Food Revival

Week of February 27th Chapter 7 – 1981-1990 Mammy’s Makeover / The Ever-Useful Lift

Week of March 6th Chapter 8 1991-2011 Sweet to the Soul / The Hope for Jemima

Click here to find our Facebook group which will be ground zero for our discussions but we also encourage you to share your experience on social media with hashtag #letscook2gether.

Instagram: BoricuaSoulNC

Twitter: BoricuaSoulNC

Facebook: BoricuaSoul


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