George Washington Carver’s Mock Chicken


Mock Chicken

Credit: Adapted from How to Grow the Peanut and 105 Ways of Preparing it for Human Consumption / Jemima Code


Below is the recipe as written with my notes written in red

Sufficient number of peanuts (1/4 lb raw, shelled)

1 egg, well beaten

bread crumbs (1 Tbls)

sweet potatoes (1)


  1. Blanch and grind a sufficient number of peanuts until they are quite oily; stir in one well beaten egg. If too thin, thicken with rolled bread crumbs or cracker dust; stir in  a little salt (I blanched the peanuts in boiling water for a couple of minutes with the intention that this process was carried out to ease getting the skin of the peanut. I used a food processor and only put in half the egg because of the small amount of peanuts used.)
  2. Boil some sweet potatoes until done; peel and cut in this slices. (I boiled the potato for about 13 minutes.)
  3. Spread generously with the peanut mixture, dip in white of egg; fry to a chicken brown and serve hot. (Dipped the potato slice in the egg white first then had to press the mixture around the potato slice as it was not holding onto the potato without applying pressure.)

So what I ended up with was something with potential but a little hard to eat but I think with some changes it could be a nice little dish. I feel the two main mistakes I made was, 1) not cooking the sweet potato enough and 2) not boiling  the peanuts enough.  I feared the sweet potato would be mushy and hard to handle but ended up undercooking it. Even after frying, my sweet potatoes were somewhat hard and difficult to eat. The peanut crust stuck to the potato and browned up well during frying. Despite the nice brown color of the peanuts they just didn’t taste right and I assume it was because they could have been boiled more or even roasted.

I look forward to trying this again to try to come up with an interesting dish that would give people something unexpected to chomp on. If you tried this dish let us know how it went and any hints you have. You can comment on our Facebook Cookbook Club Group here

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