Chapter 7: 1991-2011 Sweet to the Soul – The Hope of Jemima / The Jemima Code

Boricua Soul Cookbook Club

The Book: The Jemima Code by Toni Tipton Martin

Chapter 7: 1991-2011   Sweet to the Soul –  The Hope of Jemima


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Recipe Attempts:

The recipes are in their original form using ingredients and techniques available at the time. This week, experiment with as many of the recipes as you can. The challenge here is that sometimes quantities and directions are missing. Many times the writer assumes the person making the recipes understands a standard cooking practice for the times. To carry out some of these recipes you will have to be creative and fill in the blanks. Please share your experiences in exploring the recipes with the Facebook group. Take pictures and share what you did (especially at points where a quantity or method is missing) or would do differently than the written recipe.

Recipes in this Chapter:

This Chapter does not contain any recipes so I have collected a few from the previous chapters . If you do not have the book, post which one you would like to try on our Facebook Group or in the comments section and I can post it or send it to you.

Squash Fanchonetts – French Bread – Lana’s Bean Pie – Spicy Dark Chocolate Cake – Watermelon Rind Pickle – Payne Relish – Cheese Soup – Eva’s Orange Rolls – Oyster Turnovers – Roquefort and Tomato Salad – Tomato Surprise – Johnny Reb Cake – Cork Cake – Sponge Cake

Similar Family Recipes:

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