12 Days of Thanks: Happy Birthday Serena

I give a lot of thought to the factors in life that bring people together. Serena and I have talked many times about all of the things that had to go right and had to go wrong (or what seemed to be wrong at the time) in life for us to collide in Florida seven years ago. Serena walked the earth for three decades before we met. I used to wish that we had met earlier figuring that would have given us more time together when we were even younger. I stopped wondering about that scenario and became thankful that she came in my life when she did because we were both at a point in our lives that we could fully appreciate each other.

We are 12 Days  into April, its Serena’s Birthday and I wanted to give my 12 reasons I am thankful she walked in my life:

  1. Her Heart – I truly know what it feels like to be loved. She always puts me and Devin first. She cares for others and it comes from the heart.
  2. Her Support – I know when she tells our  son he can be anything he wants to be, it isn’t an empty statement and she will roll up her sleeves to help make a dream a reality. She lifts me up when I am down and lifts me higher when I am up. She tells me I can and then grabs a brick and helps build
  3. Her Beauty outside – The woman is a beauty, her hair, her skin, her eyes smile and I still find myself getting lost in them.
  4. Her beauty inside – when I think inner beauty, I think of her soul and the things she does come from a good place inside.
  5. Her goofiness – From the moment we met, she let he goofy flag fly and I knew I was safe to raise mine up and be me. From day one there has been nothing to fake or hide.
  6. The mother she is – I look at Devin like he is the luckiest kid in the world to have her as mother. She loves, protects and provides.
  7. Her friendship – When I am not on a boat I wake up everyday next to my best friend. Sure we have our moments that we disagree and fight but we are each other’s biggest fans and we are having fun finding our way. I read a quote recently that explains us exactly ” Maybe a relationship is just two idiots that don’t know a damn thing but are willing to figure it out together.”
  8. Her imperfections – she is not perfect and not always right (proven a few times thanks to Google) but her heart and soul always fills in the imperfections.
  9. Her honesty – Nothing to hide, nothing to find
  10. Her strength – She is a softy most of the time but a New Yorker at heart. Tough and headstrong
  11. Her trust – She puts her trust in me in many ways and that feels good.
  12. She puts up with me – The life of a sailor’s wife isn’t an easy one. It means putting on a lot of different hats and holding things together while I am gone. Then you throw in my crazy ideas of running a food business when I am home.

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