Boricua Soul Teams with Lucas Middle School in Durham Bowls Challenge

 Durham Bowls, an exciting event to convene our community around school food.

Chefs and School Nutrition Managers from across Durham have formed teams and developed a unique and delicious recipe – a meal in a bowl – to compete in the inaugural Durham Bowls competition.

The rules of the competition are written by Mr. Jim Keaten, Director of Child Nutrition for Durham Public Schools (DPS). Teams will be asked to meet the same strict requirements Mr. Keaten faces when developing recipes for students in Durham. That means a tight budget, limited kitchen tools, and strict nutritional requirements. It won’t be easy, but the experienced School Nutrition Staff and the chefs of “America’s Foodiest Small Town” are up for the challenge!

We are team “Light Blue” and have been teamed up with Venice Prince of Lucas Middle School. In meeting Venice, I was immediately impressed how much she genuinly cares for the children she feeds daily. She recognizes that for some children, the meals she prepares are the only hot meals they will have all day and that is something she takes very seriously.

Please join us on October 13th 3-6pm for the unveiling of the 2018 Durham Bowls! Venice and I will present our new tasty new school recipe along with 10 other Chef + School Nutrition Manager teams  and a panel of student judges will announce the awards. Don’t miss it!

We have the honor of competing against and your ticket gets you a chance to taste dishes from teams comprised of the follow chefs:

Andrea Reusing – The Durham

Stephanie Terry — Sweeties Southern & Vegan Catering

John Eisensmith – Black Twig Cider House

Cecilia and Nora Polanco – So Good Pupusas

Roberto Copa Matos – COPA

Curtis Wong – Bull City Hospitality

Daniel Mohar – ZenFish Poké Bar

Ricky Moore – Saltbox Seafood Joint

Paul Inserra – American Meltdown

Tonight (October 4th, 10pm) is the last night to purchase tickets for this one of a kind event. Your ticket gets you a taste of each Bowl and access to family-friendly activities like face painting, The Scrap Exchange’s Make N Take room, and booths featuring some of Durham’s coolest organizations. Please click here to buy tickets and support this great event.

We hope to see you there, GO TEAM LIGHT BLUE!!!


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