Durham Bowls: the Chicken & Cornbread Dumplings Bowl

This Thursday (Feb. 21st), DPS students, staff, parents, and friends will have the opportunity to try Team Light Blue’s Chicken & Cornbread Dumplings Bowl. This award-winning Durham Bowls recipe was created by Ms. Venice Prince of Lucas Middle School and Chef Toriano Fredericks of Boricua Soul food truck. Check out DPS’s Instagram account for photos and video from their test run in the kitchen last week. And join us on Thursday to taste it yourself!


Can’t make it to a school for lunch? Check out Boricua Soul’s schedule for this week. The Chicken & Cornbread Dumplings Bowl is on the food truck menu too!


What you need to know:

Durham Bowls is an experiment. Our hypothesis is that participation in school lunch — kids eating school food — will go up when the Bowls are on the menu. Higher participation means more money for school food. More money means it’s more feasible to put fresh, delicious meals using local ingredients (like the Durham Bowls) on the menu more often. We think that’s a good thing. This is what we hope will happen in the next year:

  1. Durham Bowls fans will help prove us right by encouraging students to choose school food when Durham Bowls are on the menu! And all the time, if they want to. 🙂
  2. Participation will go up when Durham Bowls are served, proving that more kids will eat school lunch when the offerings are more exciting and delicious.
  3. Because participation goes up, DPS will be able to offer Durham Bowls and similar chef-inspired recipes more frequently in the 2019-20 school year.
  4. More kids will eat healthy lunches every day, more money will be available to DPS Child Nutrition Services, and a more sustainable system will be created for good, healthy food in schools (while also supporting local farmers!).




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