Nana’s Photo Album- Mr Henry/Sunday Dinner

Looking through my grandmothers photo album and I found this picture of a man we called Mr Henry and my sister eating Sunday dinner around 1973 When I think of Sunday dinners I think of Mr Henry (later discovered his real name was William). Every Sunday, my grandmother spent her day off cooking a Sunday dinner. Although it was normally just my grandparents, my sister and I, a full spread graced the stove every Sunday. Collards, cornbread, Mac, chicken (baked or fried) or maybe a pork roast along with some type of cake or pie for dessert Every few Sunday’s … Continue reading Nana’s Photo Album- Mr Henry/Sunday Dinner

Family Road Trip and Disney Cruise

Last year we took a family trip to Disney but this year we decided to give a Disney Cruise a shot. The only catch was that the cruise would be departing from Port Everglades, Florida the day after Thanksgiving. Since we planned on driving to Port Everglades, this departure date would put us on the road somewhere between North Carolina and Florida on Thanksgiving. We welcomed the introduction of a new holiday tradition and decided we would spend Thanksgiving where ever we ended up. The only requirement was that we were together. We departed from Durham on Wednesday, November 23rd without hotel … Continue reading Family Road Trip and Disney Cruise