Southern Fried Spatchcocked Cornish Hen

La Buena Vida


We all have had fried chicken and deep fried turkeys has become the thing to do lately (regardless of how many fires have forever ruined Thanksgiving).  What about the “little people” of the chicken world, the Cornish Game Hen? A few months ago I began wondering ,why don’t people fry these little guys? I understand I am not charting new territory and I know there are other people that marvel at all the things you can toss in hot grease but I just had never seen it done before.


First of all, what is a Cornish Hen? After doing a bit of research, I am still confused and don’t know what to believe. Its like trying to sift through this health care business. Some sources say a Cornish Hen is just a chicken that has not been allowed to reach maturity and is therefore simply smaller. I have read a fella and his wife from Connecticut started…

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